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I don’t suppose a lot of you will care about the next set of pictures, unless you’re related to Titus and live in South Africa. It’s just a bunch of shots of Titus opening his presents. We have a special way of doing gifts for birthdays, in which the giver holds on to their gift until opening time, and then the birthday boy sits with or near them while they open the gift. It’s our attempt to connect all the presents with the people, and to emphasize the more important of the two. I don’t suppose the boys are really old enough to catch on yet, but we hope that eventually this will help them to recognize that a special someone thought of them, and they’re giving them a gift because they love them. It also helps take the focus off of just the birthday boy, lessens confusion about where/whom the gift comes from, and (hopefully) encourages thankfulness right off the bat.

Titus got three new trucks (his first trucks of his very own) from his aunties, which big brother was more than willing to help demonstrate the workings of. And…

…a heffalump! Not just any heffalump, but a heffalump all decked out for the party, and that wiggles his ears up and down whilst singing “Today is Your Birthday” by the Beatles. Pooh Bear and the Fab Four. Makes sense. They are both British, you know.

This is my grandma, the one who gave me my first Winnie-the-Pooh books on tape. My sisters and I used to listen to them almost every night as we fell asleep. Grandma nearly won Pin-the-Tail-on-Eeyore, by the way. She and Sam pinned their tails exactly the same distance from the point on Eeyore’s rear we deemed the Proper Place for a Tail. William declared it a tie.

I’m so thankful for my family, each of whom made the day special with their presence. Balloons and buntings and pigs-in-a-blanket are all very nice, but the best part of the day was having these wonderful people to share it with. Love you all! I am truly blessed!