I thought it would be fun to incorporate each of A.A. Milne’s characters into Titus’ Winnie-the-Pooh party somehow, but because we kept our gathering small, with just his grandparents and aunties for guests, we didn’t do much in the way for activities except for eating, opening presents, and chatting. We played one party game, Pin-the-Tail-on-Eeyore, and all of this seemed to consume about two hours, which just happens to be the amount of time between the birthday boy’s two naps.  Here are some of the ideas I had that just didn’t seem practical, or didn’t fit into the  budget, or were left out of our day for some other reason. Feel free to use them for your own Pooh-themed bash!

  • These e-cards are what we sent out as invites. I especially like the one with Piglet carrying the red balloon (I believe it was a gift for Eeyore).
  • If you need a tablecloth, or something with which to cover a large eyesore  (like the  rows of water/energy gauges we would have had as a backdrop if we had had our party outside our apartment), look at your local thrift stores and garage sales for vintage sheets, which would match the style perfectly I think.
  • A medium-size metal pail would make a cute (though not very insulated) ice bucket for drinks.
  • Saltwater taffy, or any old-fashioned candy, would be a cute favor or party treat.
  • Make wooden signs with white paint and old palettes to label some of your activities (see below), or if you have a garden, “Rabbit’s Garden–Please Keep Out!” (which would be a lighthearted and theme-fitting way to let little Tiggers know you’d rather they didn’t uproot your cabbages.)

  • I’m dying for an excuse to get some twig pencils like these. They look straight out of the Hundred Acre Wood to me! Kids could color these coloring sheets (or a table covered with butcher paper) with them, or take some home as a favor. Coloring would be a great rainy-day back-up plan.
  • If you have guests of differing ages, the older ones may be interested in a more “intellectual” diversion. Bananagrams (which I’ve also learned as Take Two, using old Scrabble pieces), Boggle, or any word-based baby shower game could be dubbed “Owl’s Word Game.”
  • “Tigger’s Bouncing Contest” may be more suitable for the more energetic party-goers, and all you need is your trampoline, or maybe some jump-ropes, which could double as party favors.

Thanks for allowing me to get those ideas off the scrap of paper lying on my cluttered desk and into the blogosphere, where I hope they may be put to good use. Do tell me about it or send pictures if you do!