Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, where, as you may have gathered, I write about the food I cook and eat, music I love, places I have traveled, and this ever-changing life I’ve been blessed with.

This is a place for me to write, to refine my craft. I share it as an encouragement to you, my reader. And I want to remind myself of some of the beautiful things in my life, and give thanks.

I don’t employ a personal stylist or a cleaning service or a professional photographer with fancy lighting. (No surprise.) All my photos are straight-out-of-camera or very minimally edited with my very nonexistent skills. I do try to stage things nicely for pictures, but sometimes there are crumbs or fingerprints that I just don’t care to deal with. You deserve to see my life in all honesty. I appreciate pretty things, but they often overlap with the messy, even ugly. I’m trying not to let that keep me from capturing them and sharing.

The same goes for writing. I will strive to write honestly about my life. Keep in mind, though, I am sharing the best parts. The rest just doesn’t make for good reading. Also remember, this is my blog, not my journal. I have dark days, but they probably won’t appear here. I try not to vent, or slander, or complain on the internet. I want this space to be edifying, which means I won’t share things about my family that could embarrass them now or in the future.

The following links are under construction. Check back soon!

To read more about the name This Is Still Life, go here.

My travels, both near and far, start here.

I love to eat! Here’s why.

What does music have to do with all of this?

Better photography, from my talented husband.


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